How I re-arranged my Bouquet and where I get ?

I barely get flowers unless it’s  a special occasion , and flowers are getting pricer then it use to be .

Until A few months ago I came across a florist at Bishan central, 514C Bishan Dew Flowers & Gifts and they sell fresh flowers at affordable price. The nice Lady boss called Aileen do take special order on request for exotic flowers and even sliver leafs ! She would recommend different flowers that’s avail on seasonal too. I can’t resist and now pop over twice a mth to get fresh flowers for my photos and my place! It brightens & lift the mood 🙂

Here’s some of the flowers that you might have seen from my Instagram, and these are all from this florist.

Roses are from $1.50 – $3 onwards, depends on the country of origins of the flowers.
Baby breaths ( $3.50)
Ranunculus  known as small peonies ($14 / Per pack of about 10-13)

White roses $1.80
Nosa $1.40
Here’s my 4th Anni bouquets that I shamelessly pick and put together myself , of course my husband have to pay for it. 
Never did I expect it to be this huge , as Aileen the florist manage to get me a big hydrangeas that’s so so fresh & matches my PASTEL theme !

After two days I  took out the bouquet , re-arranged it and leave the hydrangeas on a 20min water bath to help it last longer . They are water loving flowers and Aileen thought me how to take care of it !
(who ever thought that flowers take bath too?)
I trim the roots and place it in some recycle glass bottles that i’hv collected and looks like i’hv got new flowers again!

Disclaimer : I bought it with my own money and not paid for this post.

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  • Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are quite gorgeous. Clearly, you have a natural talent for flower and design. The roses and the baby breath combination blew me away. How did you manage to create such a delicate and sophisticated design with only a few items? Seriously, you should give some thought to flower design!

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